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There's a rose in my hand
There's a rose in my hand
light and fragile
it shines
There's a light in my eyes
Strong and Bright
And that's how it is.
The wind whistles through my hair
my breast feels lighter than it was,
my eyes look to the distance
And that's how it is.
there is space all about me,
god speaks in the silences.
And i like it that way.
And now my legs are stronger, my eyes are brighter
There is music in my ears
and rose petals fill the air.
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The Gourmet Vegan by Gubby The Gourmet Vegan :icongubby:Gubby 1 2
The cage with the open door
You're sitting in your cage. There are other cages to your left and right, with other people like you. Everyone is looking forward. This is because you can't look back. If you look back, something too terrible to be imagined would happen. But not even that, because you CAN'T look back.
Before you is a beautiful world full of food, luxury, and wonder. There are people there, people not like you, well dressed and well fed. You sit on the cold floor of your cell, eating dry, ugly bread and drinking water that is full of chemicals that make you sick. You forget about the chemicals after a while, though if you ever got clean water it'd probably taste the sweetest in the world.
You're happy though, because you work hard and you earn that food. Work consists of writing lines. “You can't look back,” you write a thousand times one day, sign your name at the bottom, and hand over the stack of papers to a well-fed official, who signs the papers, stamps them, and sends them off to be bur
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A fleeting reminder
Every day was a jewel, unique and without flaw
Without a doubt unrepeatable
Long, sweet ache, light and darkness, joy and sadness... and fracture
She was life, and she gave me the life I needed
It was so sweet to fool myself for a while
But the currents of life pulled us apart as they had brought us together
I was reminded of my duty to be a man
And I left
A little part of me with her
A little part of her with me
Those moments were forever
They never died
And neither will we
Forever apart
Forever one
It was just a fleeting reminder.
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Merry Christmas by Gubby Merry Christmas :icongubby:Gubby 0 2
The dance
What is a dance? It serves no purpose, and yet nothing is more meaningful.
What is a sunset? What is joy? What is life? There is no purpose, only meaning.
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One day
One day I'll die, and bacteria will consume my body. Soon I'll be carbon dioxide, seeping through the ground into the air, and nitrogen and minerals. A tree will absorb these things, and fruit, and gift someone with another day's life. And one day the earth will be no more; there will only be light, racing through the universe.
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Amusing comic: soy milk by Gubby Amusing comic: soy milk :icongubby:Gubby 1 2
A Chronicle of Evil... I
"I thank the lord for what I see,
I hear and touch and know and be,
I thank the lord for summer's bread,
And winter's trial, and evening's bed.
Safe I left his arms at birth,
Safe I run through his green earth,
Safe I look satan in the eye,
Safe I'll grow old, sick and die.
I thank lord for what he gave
My thirst to drown and needs to stave,
I thank him for all, and in return
I'll give all to him back again."
"Last bit doesn't rhyme," I said as she finished her song. She only smiled. She could see I was only teasing. "S'a pretty song. A bit too sugar-sweet, though. Why should you thank someone you've never met?"
"I didn't make the song," she said quietly. "I just like how it sounds. Hey," she piped up on a different tone, "Did you know that the church said we couldn't sing this song? Everyone sings it, but it's meant to be heresy or something. I don't know why."
"So maybe you're not so good a girl after all huh?"
She laughed melodiously. "Did I say I was? Maybe you should try me and se
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...doesn't care who died
The sea rises and falls... like your fingers between guitar strings. And so a day begins and ends, nothing new, except to you. Running back and forth between nowhere and nowhere, today, tommorrow, forever, but you can see them where you rest, in peace, in death. Water falls, it does it for no man. The clouds form, and they're nothing. Good thing people aren't nothing. Are they. It's what they say. Or imply, anyway. The sun sinks again, to rise again, and it doesn't care who died. Just like you.
:icongubby:Gubby 1 2
A Chronicle of Evil.. prologue
The forest canopy was high above, dark and green. The three of us didn't know where we were, but we didn't care. We ate cold sausages and smoked weed, drank moonshine and laughed the night away in hellish pleasure. "Fuck tommorrow!" was our slogan. The last time we said it I had said, "ok, but why not today too?" and we fucked. I thought that was pretty clever. I'm so smug.
We had come together because of our common interest in suicide. Somehow, though, we decided to take the easy way out and die inside instead, only. I can't say it was a bad decision.
Sometimes, though, I took a holiday from debauchery, just like a sainty person will just have to let rip every once in a while. I felt maybe that threesomes were a little too awkward in practise, and I'd let the other two express their lust for each other alone, and I'd wander over to the nearby farmstead, where there was an innocent girl of about sixteen who seemed fascinated by evil, like all repressed children. Her father had actually
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I fear because of fear
The goal: so near
But it dies in the force of my grasp.
Is the cure.
So much is sure.
It's there, but cannot be found.
Life turns against me.
I turn against life.
With all I can be.
Action and reaction.
I turn against her.
Because she gave me everything.
:icongubby:Gubby 2 11
Whatever 2
Linking, weaving threads
Cutting through the dark
Stretching in the haze
Entering our hearts
A chilly dawn has risen
To take away our eyes
The pain of life is there
Covered in the lie
Not another day
She says
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The City Of Angels III
They reached the end of the passageway at last. Marie stood agape.
"It's so dark," she said. And there was something about that darkness. Their eyes still had to adjust to it. The city had soft lights here and there as it panned out below them -- but where the horizon began, there was nothing, just impossible, starless blackness all around; except directly above them, where the mouth of the chasm formed a jagged line of comparative luminescence across the sky. It was so dark, a darkness that was deep like water and so, so quiet.
As their eyes adjusted further they made out pinpricks of light all around, drifting like particles in water -- so quiet, so tranquil. Some moments later one of these lights rose up from behind a building and Marie saw that it was a candle-flame -- held close to the chest of --
"An angel," she whispered. "Is it? I don't see its wings..."
"It's an angel," Luke confirmed. "They mask their spirit energy out of respect for the ceremony. Their wings are only
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amusing comic 17 by Gubby amusing comic 17 :icongubby:Gubby 0 5
The City of Angels part II
The Heart of the City of Angels was a boulder of some translucent crystal; it was rough, unaltered by human hands, and it shone from within with a dazzling red luminescence. On gazing into its depths for a time, you could percieve a slight shifting, pulsing, that could remind you of the glowing embers at the core of a fire, only it had a regularity to it that felt... alive.
And all around the chamber were strange hanging growths that appeared to be vegetation on first sight, all clustering around the Heart's light; yet looking closer, the leaves or outermost fronds of the vines sparkled as they swayed in the breeze, and seemed to be formed of a similar translucent crystal, giving off a lesser light of their own.
The heart below and the plant-like mass above, one blazing like fire and the other giving off a soft glow in return. One pulsing slowly, the other gently rippling in light and dark. It had a trancelike serenity to it.
"This is... the Heart?" whispered Luke in awe.
The djinni sm
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My Morning Modesty Mug by salshep My Morning Modesty Mug :iconsalshep:salshep 22 50



Andrew Gubb
Artist | Literature
I'm an indigo.

That means something like a spiritual rebel. I love intensely, live my true self intensely, and have a problem with the way this world doesn't want me to love.

We're generally lone wolves, but very intelligent and creative. Art is kind of second nature to us, whatever we choose to focus on in our lives.

Personally my talents/focus go to the realms of communication and leadership. Right now I'm writing a website about learning to better discern the truth,, through which I want to communicate some spiritual wisdom and a message of trusting your inner truth, and a challenge to wake up and live by what you already know.


Current Residence: Barcelona
Favourite genre of music: Almost everything
Skin of choice: Ahhh skin of choice. How we love you, you little rascal.
New blog entry at my site about empowerment in the search for truth and meaning:…


One of the ideas I went through when choosing a tagline for my blog was, "Common Sense for a Crazy World". I believe that the world can be saved using common sense alone. I left that tagline, though, because I ended up coming to the conclusion that the world can do just fine without me saving it. I'm just here to write about finding truth.

The core message of this article can be summed up as:

“All real knowledge is common sense.”

I'll explain this a bit better, though.


Read more:…
  • Reading: The Albigen Papers


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Hi Nienna, sorry, I don't check out my devart account very often any more!

It's good to get in touch anyways :) I'm good, I decided to stay at my parents' house to focus on my blog, I so dearly want to get professional with it. I'm feeling drained by the energy here though, it's going to be a challenge I think to keep my parents from affecting me, but I'm much stronger now. I don't want to run away any more, besides, so I want to see if I can build my defenses.

Last year was cool, I grew so much! I didn't get to travelling as much as I'd have liked but I think that's good, stability was needed I think. Wasn't THAT stable anyhow ;)

I have a wonderful girlfriend at the moment, too :)

You good?


NiennaSwift Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010  Professional Writer
It's okay- I was vacant for a while! Have you thought about journalism?? It's a great way to get professional with writing, obviously, and a lot of journalists get their professional blogs going that way (ie Kevin Sykes, political writer). Running away from things definitely doesn't help ANY situation.

I'm glad you have a wonderful gf! I hope all is going good with you two.

I'm doing great, my husband and I moved to Colorado not too long ago, we absolutely love it. It's stunning out here.

Talk to you soon!
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Hi Nienna! :) Just dropped in to post a new Deviation, nice to see your reply here :)

I'm a little allergic to formal study, but I have published an article in a magazine in Barcelona which - OMG it's just come out! Holy crap!! I'm psyched, check it out, it's online too! [link]

Yeah so... woo just trying to catch my breath haha... this is my first, though I do like the idea of a bit of freelance writing to earn some money and get extra exposure for my blog at the same time. I really like that idea. :)

Things are lovely with my lady right now, thanks :) Wow, Colorado? Isn't that were the grand canyon is... Ansel Adams and that.. I can't remember... but definitely a gorgeous place right? You getting your fill of nature? :)


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